Thursday, June 23, 2011

Maker Faire NC 2011 06/18/2011

Last weekend was a very fun and busy one.  On Saturday we attended the NC Maker Fair and had a blast!  We watched the inflation and launch of a weather balloon, and pet some beautiful greyhounds, viewed all things made from the extremely geeky to the fantastic artsy.  Our favorite part of the event was the Thinker Linkers exhibit.
Jack loved this interlocking system.  Bryan loved it.  I loved it! Once we found it, Jack started creating and did not want to stop (and he played with these for about 2 hours).

He made a dragon, a firehouse, a home for his brothers:  Mitchell Cormack and Skookum Jim.  (Imaginary brothers)

When it was time to leave, Jack was not happy.  He wanted to keep building.  We left the building at the FairGrounds and started the mile trek back to the car, stopping at a picnic table to let him calm down (mostly so we didn't have to coerce and drag a screaming child through the NC Fairgrounds).  Jack calmed down and drank some water.  After a few minutes it was like he had a rush of the fun he had had and wanted to go back.  We don't get to see Jack's passions flare often, but this was one of those moments.  We'll be investing in some Thinker Linkers for sure.

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