Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blueberry Picking 6/19/2011

Strawberries were ripe for picking on Mother's Day and blueberries were ready just in time for Father's Day.
We went with Ray and Allison to Snikroc Farm on Sunday.  When Ray is out saving the world, well, at least parts of the country hit by disaster, he works with Mr. Corkins.  We really enjoyed picking blueberries on a gorgeous day.  We picked 10 pounds.   At $2 per pound, this was a very yummy, affordable, and fun way to spend a few hours. 
Jack loved picking the berries.  It's interesting, with strawberries, we leave the field covered in juice.  There is a lot more work in picking blueberries and we have a greater appreciation for why they are so expensive in the stores - fresh or frozen.  It was really fun to see our fingerprints on the berries and listen to them fall into our buckets.  

Jack really enjoyed talking with Spencer, Mr. Corkins' 10 year old son who handled the weighing and sales transactions.  Spencer told us that the blueberry bushes are 15 years old and how this is the earliest the blueberries have ever been ready.  He told us about the irrigation system they have set up that takes water from the pond and delivers the water that's full of fish poop and how that is the secret of why their blueberries are so tasty. Jack had lots of questions like:  Do you like being a farmer?  Why is your house so close to the farm?  What other plants do you grow?  Would you like some water to drink?  
How do you cut your grass?  Do you ever have any snakes in the bushes?  

Of course we made a pie.  We've eaten blueberries all week, and we are enjoying smoothies with the rest.  I'm sure we'll be back soon.  

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